Your Town Tomorrow (Detroit, 2007 - 2012) explores new topographies and new forms of urban life. Detroit is capable of offering these scenarios because of its unique place in our current socio-economic system. Although documentary in nature, these images are not meant to survey a Detroit 'as is.' Rather, they function as a glimpse into an alternate reality, where everyday life stands at a crossroads: between hope and despair, vulnerability and strength, the past and the future.

    PJ & goats, 2011

    Palm tree, Fresh Fish House, Highland Park, 2011

    Erin and her son Nye, 2011

    Skyline with Renaissance Center, 2007

    Candy on her sixteenth birthday, 2011

    Casanovis, 2011

    Salvador ‘Chavo’ and his radical hopper, a ‘83 Cutlass Supreme, 2008

    Hastings Street, 2011

    Ika and her son Malik, 2010

    Ray Shawn and his uncle’s van, 2011

    Lorenzo, 2011

    Lynda & Tamika’s wedding party, Belle Isle, 2011

    Maahin, 2011

    Diaz family and their ‘48 Chevrolet Fleetline, 2008

    Emily, 2010

    Obama mural, Mugshot Bar & Grill, 2009

    Monk, 2011

    Harriet Tubman mural, Mugshot Bar & Grill, 2009

    Cora, 2011

    Snow White, 2011

    Temple Trumbull Market, Convenience store, 2009

    Devon & Prince, 2010

    Vines on utility pole, 2011

    Peacemakers garden, Peacemakers International, 2007

    Michigan Central, 2007

    Destine, Rico, Jesse and Hershey, 2009

    Larry, Peacemakers International, 2010

    Isaiah and Scott, 2010

    David, social activist from San Francisco, 2010

    Cowboy, Peacemakers International, 2011

    Movement, Detroit Electronic Music Festival, 2012

    'Almagation of Ubiquity’ mural (detail), 2011

    Joseph, his dog Precious and the Pink Pony Express, 2010

    Emlee's house, 2007

    Prairie and former Koenig Coal Yard Silos, 2007

    Munni, Aftar and Shahina, 2011

    Blake, fixing up his house, 2010

    Soul Saving Holy Church, 2008

    Stan, Vietnam Veteran, Hamtramck, 2010

    Benjamin, Selfridge Air National Guard Base, 2011

    Connie and her daughter Sabrina, 2011

    Clairmount street & Rosa Parks Blvd, 2010

    'Black Jesus', Sacred Heart Seminary, 2010

    Temple No.1, 2011

    Dawann, 2011

    It dont exist, 2008

    James's horse, Fort Wayne, 2011

    Delores, Johnny and Dick at Fort Wayne, 2010

    Brewster-Douglass Housing Projects, 2009

    Oscar, 2010

    Sophia, visiting artist from Greece, 2010

    Dana, Mr Busy, Fae at the International Underground Railroad Memorial, 2010

    Baseball game at the former Tiger Stadium, 2010

    Boy and fire hydrant, 2011

    James, 2009

    Bernardo and his sons, 2011

    Bomani, 2008

    Barack & Michelle, Fair Party Store, 2011

    Jamel, 2010

    Native American Woodland burial mound, Fort Wayne, 2011

    Obama gas station, 2010

    Shara and her son Cozzie, 2011

    Andrew, 2011

    Cast extra's from 'Zombie Mayhem II', Hamtramck, 2010

    Jesus at Spaulding Court during the U.S. Social Forum, 2010

    Emily hunting for pheasants, 2011

    Mighty Throwback, 2011

    Prairie and peregrine falcons, 2007

    Zeus, Aaron and Suzanne, 2010

    White Star night club, Hamtramck, 2010

    Edgar and his '90 Lincoln Town Car, 2008

    Vallejo family and their Caprice Classic, 2008

    Villasenor family and their '82 Cadillac Coupe De Ville, 2008

    Rick and his '93 Fleetwood Cadillac, 2008

    Boy with Lowrider bicycle, 2009

    Zug Island, 2011

    Mural, Gratiot Grill, 2011

    Linda and her daughter Diamond, 2011

    Destiney, 2011

    Palm trees, L.A. Coney Island Family Restaurant, 2010

    Rick, 2008

    The Zone: I-94 Industrial Park Renaissance Zone, 2009

    The Glorious Church of God, 2011

    Floyd, 2011

    Jason on Paul's porch, 2011

    Dequindre Cut and Lafayette Tower, 2007

    Sweater, 2007

    William, 2010