Obscura Primavera (Medellin, Colombia, 2009 - 2014)

Over the past decade, the city of Medellin has undergone a profound transformation. Thanks to highly innovative urban planning initiatives, Medellin is shedding its notorious image as one of the world's most dangerous cities, instead becoming a cultural center and tourist friendly destination where international visitors come to study the miracle of its urban renewal. Yet most of Medellin and its people remain haunted by the country’s cycles of drug-fueled economics, conflict, and poverty.

This series of photographs presents vistas of Medellin’s cityscapes and portraits of its citizens, alongside their thoughts on the city, their country, and its place in a globalized world.

Obscura Primavera was created during multiple visits to the city and artist residencies at Casa Tres Patios from 2009 to 2012. The project culminated in 2014 with a self-published book produced in Medellin, utilizing the Detroit Mini Assembly Line collaborative process. The Detroit Mini Assembly Line employs local labor and manufacturing tools to produce limited edition publications. Members of the Medellin community, including a group of art students, became part of the process and were invited to participate in book binding workshops and the onsite production of the publication. View a video of the process.

    Leidy, 2009

    Andres, 2009

    Untitled (Azuceno), 2011

    Stefania, 2010

    El Poblado (I), 2010

    Omar, 2009

    Jessica, 2009

    Mirador del Valle, 2010

    Juan Esteban (I), 2010

    Juan Esteban (II), 2010

    Zahira, 2009

    La Aurora (I), 2010

    Oskar, 2009

    Dr. Juliana, 2010

    La Aurora (II), 2010

    Olga and her daughter, 2010

    El Poblado, night (I), 2010

    El Poblado, night (II), 2010

    Matteo (as a boy), 2010

    Matteo (as a girl), 2010

    Las Comunas, 2010

    Alberto, 2010

    Untitled (Exotica, Blush, Hot Prince), 2012

    Leidy and her son Alexander, 2010

    Metrocable, 2010

    Leidy and her daughter Isabella, 2010

    Untitled (Camaron), 2011

    Sarah, 2010

    La Aurora (III), 2010

    Andres, 2010

    Arley, 2010

    Jessica and Isabel, 2010

    Milpa and her daughter Mariana, 2011

    Untitled (Coca), 2012

    Soldier, 2011

    Arvina, 2010

    Gutierrez Family, 2010

    Untitled (Bignonia), 2011

    Untitled (Pomarrosa), 2011

    Alejandra, Luisa, Teimy, Leidy, David, 2010

    Sandra, 2010

    El Poblado (II), 2010

    Untitled (Penca Sabila), 2011